Accessory Dwelling Unit Code Changes: Petition

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are an important part of Salt Lake City’s housing future. While they are not a silver bullet that can fully meet the SLC’s housing needs, they are a critical part of establishing neighborhood scale infill housing. As a simple and affordable option for many people, these units can provide much needed workforce housing, housing for students, and for aging parents. 

ADUs are also a way to build wealth and opportunity in SLC's neighborhoods by providing every homeowner with the opportunity to participate in incremental development of their neighborhoods.

The changes proposed by SLC will make ADUs easier to build. We support this policy as a necessary first step toward incremental density and increased housing in every neighborhood in Salt Lake City. 

By approving the proposed changes to the ADU Code, the Salt Lake City Council can address a critical piece of Salt Lake City’s housing needs by making it easier to build an ADU in the city. 

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