Our Story

A lack of housing of every scale is creating a generational challenge for our city. We're neighbors in Salt Lake City who want to live in inclusive and diverse communities. We’re standing up for people-centered, pro-housing policies that mean that our city will continue to be a welcoming place for future generations. 

SLC Neighbors for More Neighbors was formed by a network of neighbors advocating for more housing, stronger neighborhoods, and everyone to benefit from the opportunities our city provides. We’re focused on bringing together the people of Salt Lake City to make sure that housing policy works for us all. 

From long-time residents to newcomers, everyone should have a place in our city and we’re working to make sure that everyone can find the housing they deserve. Through collaborative, data-driven activism, we’re changing the terms of debate in Salt Lake City. Together, we’re fighting for inclusive housing policies, more density, and planning practices that strengthen neighborhood economic development. 

As we’ve formed our organization, we’ve been inspired by Neighbors for More Neighbors, YIMBY Action, More Neighbors Dallas. These inspiring advocates have inspired our work since our first day and we couldn’t be more grateful to them for the inspiration and vision they’ve helped inspire nationwide. 

Opportunity blossoms in cities and we’re fighting to make space in ours for everyone who wants to live here. 

Our Partners

Welcoming Neighbors Network: The Welcoming Neighbors Network is the country’s largest nationwide coalition of grassroots pro-housing organizations, and counts many impactful groups in its ranks, including California YIMBY and Open New York, as well as the Minnesota-based Neighbors for More Neighbors, from which our organization takes its inspiration. It serves as a forum for like-minded pro-housing groups to convene, coordinate, share successful strategies with one another, and to unite to help make pro-housing policy a reality in the United States.