SLC Needs Housing for Every Neighbor

A lack of housing of every scale is creating a generational challenge for our city. We're neighbors who want to live in an inclusive Salt Lake City that welcomes more neighbors.

In the future that we're fighting for, Salt Lake City will be defined by the opportunities that living in our city provides. Salt Lake City's future includes abundant housing for all income levels, a sustainable lifestyle, and inclusive neighborhoods with opportunities for all ages and abilities.

Our Mission

SLC Neighbors for More Neighbors advocates for an equitable, thriving, and sustainable city through housing that is accessible to all.

Our Vision

SLC Neighbors for More Neighbors envisions a sustainable city where present and future generations live fulfilling lives ensured by abundant housing, inclusive neighborhoods, and equal opportunity. 

Together, we’re working to heal and reverse the effects of systemic racism and discrimination our city has perpetuated within the housing sector since its founding. Our work will create a community where renters are empowered, displacement is limited and mitigated, residents’ housing needs are met, and those who don’t have a home have integrated support to find one. Our vision includes everyone: renters, owners, and those experiencing homelessness; people of all ages, abilities, backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual orientation and gender identity, and income levels.

Salt Lake City’s future is bright. We believe that equitable, affordable, and abundant housing is a crucial step to achieving a truly great city.