We've joined the Welcoming Neighbors Network

19 December, 2022

We are excited to announce that we’ve been granted associate member status with the Welcoming Neighbors Network

wnn-logo.pngThe Welcoming Neighbors Network is the country’s largest nationwide coalition of grassroots pro-housing organizations, and counts many impactful groups in its ranks, including California YIMBY and Open New York, as well as the Minnesota-based Neighbors for More Neighbors, from which our organization takes its inspiration. It serves as a forum for like-minded pro-housing groups to convene, coordinate, share successful strategies with one another, and to unite to help make pro-housing policy a reality in the United States. 

Joining the Welcoming Neighbors Network marks a seminal step in our organization’s progress: as an associate member, SLC Neighbors For More Neighbors will have the opportunity to participate in trainings and peer-to-peer working groups with seasoned housing advocates, as well as to share lessons from our own victories with other burgeoning pro-housing groups. 

It is especially heartening that SLC Neighbors joins a host of other very recent associate member organizations, including Abundant Housing Los Angeles, Texans for Housing, and Liveable Kirkland. The Welcoming Neighbors Network’s surge in membership is a strong sign that national political headwinds are shifting squarely in our movement’s direction. 

We look forward to working as a part of the Welcoming Neighbors Network, and alongside the numerous other teams that are fighting to end the affordable housing crisis in our country.