Our Priorities

We're working to create abundant and affordable housing to meet Salt Lake County's current and future needs. To do this, we advocate for the following solutions (and others) at the local and state level:

  1. Upzoning for Housing Options: Implementing upzoning policies to allow for a greater variety of housing types, including single and multi-family homes, to increase the housing supply, and promote more inclusive communities. Read More 

  2. Ending Parking Mandates: Eliminate parking requirements for new buildings to lower construction costs and increase the availability of affordable housing options, while also addressing environmental concerns like air quality and climate change. Read More
  3. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Encouraging the construction of ADUs as a simple and affordable option for workforce housing, student accommodation, and housing for aging parents. ADUs also enable homeowners to contribute to the incremental development of their neighborhoods.

  4. Affordable Housing Incentives: Supporting policies that provide incentives for builders to include affordable housing units in their projects, especially in areas with low displacement risk to ensure diverse and equitable communities. Read More

  5. Utilizing Public Lands: Inventorying and using public lands for affordable housing projects to ensure that available resources are maximized for community benefit. Read More

  6. Mixed-Income and Mixed-Use Communities: Promoting policies and projects that include a mix of income levels and uses to create vibrant, sustainable neighborhoods with economic opportunity for every resident. Read More

There is no single solution to Salt Lake County's housing needs but these solutions, when made together, are a major step toward Salt Lake County's future.